WOW they put one on you too!!!

I left the room only for 5 minutes and this is how they were sleeping

Cuddle bunny

Melt My Heart

My first kiss

As a lover of both babies and pugs,

Baby hugs

Ready for my walk!

I like to be near my human

Babies make the best pillows

Puppy luv

Best Buddies Already


Double cute

They call me, Tiny

Baby’s best friend

Just my dog spooning my baby

baby’s first Christmas

My son and his best friend Layla- the beginning

Just a little nap

We sleep next to you because we love you little human

Wanna come and swim with me

Don’t even try it!

Nose to nose


Two best friends snoozing

Bear hug

Cutsie cuddles

Brotherly Love

Kitty Blanket

cute marmot posing with a kid