30 Cute Pictures of Children and Animals

Allowing your children to have pets starting at an early age is a great way to teach them how to handle responsibility. More than that, children who grow up taking care of at least one pet tend to adopt a more caring attitude towards animals and other people.

To me, the most beautiful things in the world are children and animals. These adorable animals, kids and objects might try their best to intimidate us. Enjoy~

WOW they put one on you too!!!
I left the room only for 5 minutes and this is how they were sleeping
Cuddle bunny
Melt My Heart
My first kiss
As a lover of both babies and pugs,
Baby hugs
Ready for my walk!
I like to be near my human
Babies make the best pillows
Puppy luv
Best Buddies Already
Double cute
They call me, Tiny
Baby’s best friend
Just my dog spooning my baby
baby’s first Christmas
My son and his best friend Layla- the beginning
Just a little nap
We sleep next to you because we love you little human
Wanna come and swim with me
Don’t even try it!
Nose to nose
Two best friends snoozing
Bear hug
Cutsie cuddles
Brotherly Love
Kitty Blanket
cute marmot posing with a kid

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